Catalina Tile Inspired

Anyone who's visited Catalina Island, can't help but notice the beautiful ceramic tiles that are on surfaces all over Avalon.  Catalina has a rich history of tile and ceramic making due to the plentiful clay deposits present on the island.  Catalina Island Tile and Pottery was in business from 1927 - 1937 where the famous Catalina Pottery was made that is very collectable today.  This is a photo of the studio, taken during that time.

To see some more of the beautiful tiles that adorn the City of Avalon, check out my blog - Catalina Inspired

I was inspired to design my own tiles after seeing the wide variety of colors and styles on Catalina Island.  The five designs along the top of this page are some of my creations.  My tiles are not ceramic but glass and resin.  They are hand-drawn then, on the computer, the size is reduced to about a half-inch square.  The tiny tiles are  then mounted on small glass squares and coated with shiny, clear resin and strung with beads onto a necklace.  Here are some of the finished products:


These glass tile necklaces and many more are available in my Etsy Shop, Catalina Inspired

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