My Random Favorite Stuff

No, I'm not a famous actress or celebrity athlete.  I'm just an ordinary person.  So why should you care what I think?  I don't know.  You probably don't, but in case your curious, here are some products/services I happen to use and really like (and I'm NOT mentioning these products just to get some "pay-per-click".  I honestly do LOVE them)

Kalso Earth Shoes at

Kalso Earth Shoes (available at are the only shoes I wear.  They were designed by a Yoga instructor back in the 1970's.  They have a "negative heel" which means the heel is actually lower than the toe.  This sounds strange at first and takes a little getting used to but it really does align your spine, improve your posture and help your breathing.  I also like the company because they use ethical practices and responsible materials.  They make sneakers, boots, sandals, flip-flops and casual shoes.  I wore one of my non-Earth shoes a few weeks ago and my back killed the next day.  Love these shoes!

Nature Babycare Ecofriendly Disposable Diapers

As an environmentalist, the subject of baby diapers caused me much frustration due to the huge impact diapers have on the planet.  We live on an island where fresh water is scarse and as a result, expensive.   I had pretty much ruled out cloth diapers from the beginning because of the water needed to wash them.  Next, I checked out hybrid diapers but they were way too expensive.  I finally decided on Nature Babycare disposable diapers and I've been using them for almost two years.  They don't leak, fit great, are 100% biodegradable and are made using the highest environmental standards.  Even the packaging is made from biodegradable material.  The teacher at my daughters pre-school commented on how well they worked and wanted to get some for her grand-daughter.  You can buy them at  Click on the picture for more info about the company.

Shutterfly.comI have made about five 8" x 8" hardcover photo books and they're beautiful!  It's great to have some pictures in print since most of us just have digital copies on our computers.  The books are really fun to make and they have tons of backgrounds and colors to choose from.  I'm always picking one up and flipping through the pages.  I'm already working on my next book.

Shop SaferBrand Now!

Keeping your garden organic is NOT easy!  I tried so many home remedies to control the pests in my gardens  before finally finding Safer Brand.  It really does work at fighting parasites, fungus and other pests.  I feel so much better using it rather than toxic chemicals especially since we have two cats that have adopted us and live outside.  
Artisteer - Web Design Generator

I created this website using Artisteer software.  I really like it because you don't have to be an HTML expert to make really great website and blog templates.  If you are an expert or novice at HTML, the software allows you to access the source code and customize things the way you want.  It's turned out to be a great purchase for me because I'm a beginner with HTML but I wanted to create my own website.  As I learn more and more I can use more customized code but the templates allow you to create a really nice looking website without knowing any HTML.  The best part is it only costs $50!

I couldn't have a favorites page without mentioning my own shop:

Catalina Inspire on Etsy - Hanmade Tile Jewelry, Crochetwork, EcoFriendly Gifts and More...

I love my sodastream

I love this machine!  I can't stand the taste of plain "still" water, so I've always bought liters of lime flavored club soda.  I felt really guilty about the number of plastic bottles I was using and the expense but I knew I needed to drink lots of water for my health.  Now I can make all the "bubbly water" I want with water from my tap (filtered).  I put a little lime juice in it and it's great!  The machine is easy to use and needs no electricity.  Empty CO2 bottles can be exchanged for full ones at Bed Bath & Beyond and a few other places. 

Save 15% on Natural Cosmetics

I try to use only natural make-up, shampoo, soap, etc and I will not use any product that has been tested on animals.  Beautorium makes it really easy to shop for natural products.  They have symbols next to the products indicating whether it's been tested on animals, etc.  They also have free shipping!