"A Shadow of Myself", self portrait photographMy Art

I was formally trained in oil painting at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland from 1991-1996 but I haven't been oil painting in recent years.  You really need a studio, or at least a small room in which to confine the turpentine fumes and very slow drying paint (that seems to migrate onto everything before it dries).  For the last ten years or so I've lived either on a small boat or in a small apartment and now I have a two year old daughter.  All of these factors, put together, have made oil painting practically impossible for me.

This factor has not inhibited my creativity, however.  I've been working with many different media and you can look at some examples of what I've been working on by clicking on the tabs above.

  Self Portrait, Photograph "A Shadow of Myself" by Kristy Throndson


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